Executive Training Centre And Hostel (ETCH)

The CDSA Executive Training Centre, Classrooms, Library, Office Blocks, Hostel (16 residential suites), Student Dormitories (shared space for 24), and other facilities encompass approximately 25,000 square feet of built-up space. The buildings are surrounded by approximately 10,000 square feet of courtyards and are situated within a 4 acre section of the 14 acre campus.

CDSA’s own earnings and ad hoc grants from MISEREOR of Germany and the European Union have gone towards building the campus infrastructure. Today the land and campus infrastructure is valued at approximately Rs. 15 crores. Creation of these facilities was prioritized during Phase II of the institution building process because this contributes significantly to the Center’s long-term stability and sustainability. The Centre also owns a small (75 sq. meters super built up) office space at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.

ETCH Structure
The ETCH organizational structure is shown in Figure 6.2 below. The structure shows currently envisioned flow of responsibility. In order to maintain viability of the Executive Centre facilities and to support programs developed by the ISD, CDSA plans to fund two positions, ETCH Facilities & Marketing Manager and Assistant Manager - Kitchen. For the near future, the functions of the other two positions- Assistant Manager- Executive Centre and Assistant Manager- Hostel, will be performed by the ETCH Facilities & Marketing Manager. It is expected that, with greater stability and increased ISD training sessions, the other positions will become more demanding and can be filled at that time.
Please Download the ETCH Tariff Package