Masters Degree (M.A./M.Sc./PG Dip) in Development Planning and Administration (Savitribai Phule Pune University)

This is a unique university level Masters degree course of its kind in the country. The Masters course focuses on rural, urban and regional development, emphasizing the inter-disciplinary nature (social, physical and technical) of issues pertaining to planning and sustainable development.
The course is divided into four semesters or modules. The M.A./M.Sc. in development planning and administration is a two-year course and a degree is awarded by the Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Residential Certificate Course in Rural Microplanning

One month residential certificate course in Rural Micro-Planning at School of Development Planning at CDSA is specially curated course. It designed to impart the skills, knowledge and sensitivities required to formulate Gram Panchayat Development Plan.

Diploma in Rural Development Planning and Administration

Diploma in Rural Development Planning and Administration is a 6 months micro-planning certificate course specially created for mid-career practitioners who find it difficult to take a break for long duration. This course focuses on context specific development issues of rural areas and equips students to tackle these issues with appropriate strategies and approaches along with the development and use of appropriate monitoring, evaluation and management tools for implementing these projects and programs.

Certificate course in Smart Cartography and GIS

Certificate course in application of GIS is a two month course designed by CDSA to develop skills and knowledge of Geographic Information System and its applications through theoretical as well as hands on training of system development, data generation, integration, analytics and visualizations.

Certificate course in Unpacking Urban Settlements

Unpacking Urban Settlements is a 21 day course focusing on integrated participatory settlement planning with emphasis on Urban Settlements of India.

Certificate course in Mobilizing for Mobility

Mobilizing for Mobility is a course designed with the aim to provide an advanced understanding of the concept of sustainable transportation and mobility.