Centre for Development Studies and Activities is a multi-disciplinary research and training body addressing itself to problems of poverty and environment in the development process both in rural and urban contexts with a diverse core team. 

Prof. Aneeta Gokhale – Benninger
Executive Director, CDSA
Professor of Sustainable development at
School of Development Planning, CDSA

Lawrence Siddhartha Benninger 
Economist and planner
Director, Institute for Sustainable Development and Assistant Professor,
School of Development Planning, CDSA

Aditya Sathe
Civil Engineer and GIS analyst
Project Planner and Lecturer at 
School of Development Planning, CDSA

Shreyas Chorgi
Project Planner – CDSA

Revati Joshi
Project Planner – CDSA

Other team members

  • Prashant Lokhande – Support Staff 
  • Kailas Marne – Support Staff