Karnataka Migrant Tracking & Social Protection Framework

The world at large is facing a common threat in the form of the COVID 19 outbreak. India in particular will face great challenges in the coming months in terms of dealing with the challenge of mitigating and finally stopping the spread of COVID19 throughout the country. Indian cities as well as villages shall face the threat of COVID19 outbreaks due to densely populated settlements and return migration from cities to villages. Though slums and informal settlements in particular are at risk, the event of COVID 19 spreading to villages would be catastrophic due to shortages and gaps in healthcare facilities and social protection services.

To measure this risk and to provide decision support with insights from data collection for efficient social protection services, Centre for Development Studies and Activities (CDSA), Pune customized this unique closed loop system for the Government of Karnataka with support from the UNICEF Hyderabad Field Office. The Karnataka migrant tracking and social protection framework is designed to enable the Government of Karnataka to track the needs of the most vulnerable populations across the state of Karnataka. Migrants and citizens from all gram panchayats shall be surveyed every year to record their food, health and livelihood needs. The surveys shall be carried out by Government officials such as Panchayat Development officials and NGOs working at the panchayat and Taluk level. The needs of the people are sent to the corresponding department in real time for officials to react as fast and as efficiently as possible. As the system gives the location of the Gram Panchayat it is made easy for officials to locate the persons in need.

You can check the Summary Report of KMTSPF based on Preliminary Data here.